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Noise cancelling reduces unwanted noise, providing a clearer and more lifelike audio
performance. You can choose between two noise cancelling modes: Quiet and Aware.
Quiet Mode allows you to block out distractions using the highest level of
noise cancellation.
Aware Mode provides full transparency and allows you to hear your surroundings
while enjoying your audio.
Aware Mode also includes ActiveSense™ technology to reduce sudden or loud noises.
Choose your noise noise cancelling mode based on your listening preferences
and environment.
Quiet World-class noise cancellation with Bose-optimized audio.
Aware Hear your surroundings while enjoying your audio.
NOTE: When powered on, the earbuds default to the last mode you used.
Aware Mode with ActiveSense™
The dynamic noise cancellation of Aware Mode with ActiveSense™ technology allows
you to hear your surroundings while reducing unwanted noise.
Aware Mode with ActiveSense™ allows the earbuds to automatically turn on noise
cancellation when sudden or loud noises occur near you. Once the noise stops, noise
cancellation automatically turns o again.
NOTE: To turn o ActiveSense™, use the Bose Music app.
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