Tripp Lite B155-004-HD-V2 4-Port Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Multi-Monitor Splitter, MST Hub, 4K 60Hz UHD, DP1.2, TAA

Owner's Manual - Page 7

For B155-004-HD-V2. Also, The document are for others Tripp Lite models: B155-002-DP-V2, B155-003-DP-V2, B155-004-DP-V2, B156-002-V2, B156-003-V2, B156-004-V2, B155-002-DVI-V2, B156-002-DVI-V2, B155-002-HD-V2, B155-003-HD-V2, B156-002-HD-V2, B156-003-HD-V2, B156-004-HD-V2

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B155-004-HD-V2 photo
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If you are unable to get an acceptable image
after following the installation instructions, try the
troubleshooting tips below.
1. Is your equipment running the latest graphics
driver? If not, download the latest graphics drivers
for your equipment. The MST hub is backward
compatible with most DisplayPort 1.1a equipment
running current graphics drivers. The feature set
is limited to the attached equipment’s capabilities
(e.g. you may be limited to displaying in Clone /
Mirror mode only). Compatibility with older graphics
cards is not guaranteed.
2. Press the hub’s reset button to reset the
signal being sent to the connected displays.
3. Is the included USB Micro-B cable (2-Port
models) or external power supply (3- and
4-Port models) connected and plugged into
a working power source? For the product to
function properly, it must be connected to and
receiving power from the USB Micro-B cable or
external power supply.
4. Was the power to the DisplayPort source
and connected monitors turned off prior to
installation? If not, restart your computer.
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