Tripp Lite B155-004-HD-V2 4-Port Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Multi-Monitor Splitter, MST Hub, 4K 60Hz UHD, DP1.2, TAA

Owner's Manual - Page 4

For B155-004-HD-V2. Also, The document are for others Tripp Lite models: B155-002-DP-V2, B155-003-DP-V2, B155-004-DP-V2, B156-002-V2, B156-003-V2, B156-004-V2, B155-002-DVI-V2, B156-002-DVI-V2, B155-002-HD-V2, B155-003-HD-V2, B156-002-HD-V2, B156-003-HD-V2, B156-004-HD-V2

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System Requirements
A computer with a DisplayPort v1.2 compatible
Graphics Card (e.g. AMD Radeon with AMD
Eyefinity Technology). Backward compatible with
most DisplayPort 1.1a equipment running current
graphics drivers. The feature set is limited to
that of the attached equipment (e.g. you may be
limited to displaying in Clone / Mirror mode only).
Compatibility with older graphics cards is not
Mac OS X does not support MST for NVIDIA and
Intel Graphics Processor Units, limiting video display
on the connected monitors to mirror mode.
DisplayPort 1.2 bandwidth is 21.6 Gbps. Higher
resolution monitors take up more bandwidth.
Although DisplayPort and HDMI monitors support
video resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 on individual
monitors, the number of 4K monitors connected
at the same time is limited. For example, when
connecting four monitors simultaneously, you will
be limited to connecting 1080p monitors. Higher
resolutions are possible when displaying in video
wall mode (e.g. 3840 x 2160 in 2X2 video wall,
7680 x 1080 in a 4X1 video wall, and so on.)
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