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24 - PRECAUTIONS 91477A188/D
and essential oils can corrode
the seals and plastic surfaces if
left in contact with them for
extended periods.
Bottles with a high alcohol
content must be tightly closed.
Do not place bottles sideways
on the base of the wine cellar.
They could fall when the door is
Do not use steam jets to clean
the appliance.
Do not spray any spray product
near the appliance.
Do not obstruct ventilation
openings and heat dispersal
Do not obstruct the openings of
the ventilation grille in any way.
Do not use electrical
appliances inside food storage
compartments unless these are
of the type recommended by
the manufacturer.
Never use mechanical devices
or any other means not
recommended by the
manufacturer to accelerate the
defrosting process.
Always unplug the appliance in
the event of a fault or when
performing cleaning or
Avoid exerting too much
pressure on the door when
Do not use the handle to lift or
move this appliance.
CAUTION: while positioning
the appliance, make sure that
the power supply cable is not
caught or damaged.
CAUTION: do not place
portable multiple sockets or
portable power supply units at
the back of the appliance.
For this appliance
The appliance may only be
used by children aged 8 years
and over, and by people of
reduced physical, sensory or
mental capacity, or lacking in
experience and knowledge in
the use of the appliance,
provided that they instructed on
safe use of the appliance and
the risks connected to it by
adults who are responsible for
their safety.
Do not rest any weight or sit on
the open door of the
The appliance contains a small
quantity of isobutane (R600a),
make sure not to damage the
cooling circuit during transport,
installation and cleaning.
Keep the ventilation openings
surrounding the appliance or in
the nearby area free from any
Do not damage the cooling
circuit (if it can be accessed).
In the event of damage to the
cooling circuit, avoid the use of
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