Premium Levella PBCC1350XS 13.5 ft³ Horizontal Bottle Cooler

Product Manual - Page 3

For PBCC1350XS.

PDF File Manual, 19 pages, Read Online | Download pdf file

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Horizontal Bottle Coolers
Select a location away from heat and moisture-generating equipment.
· High environmental temperature will cause the compressor to
overwork, leading to higher electrical bills and gradual breakdown of
the unit.
Please ensure that the required voltage of the compressor is being supplied at all
times. Low or high voltage can detrimentally affect the refrigeration unit.
All units should be plugged into a grounded and properly-sized electrical outlet
with appropriate surge protection. Please refer to the electrical requirements on
the nameplate. Please make sure that your unit has its own dedicated outlet. Do
not use an extension cord.
The temperature controls are factory-set to maintain an average temperature of
F in refrigeration. To maintain a different temperature, simply adjust the control
knob located inside the unit.
To decrease the temperature (colder), turn clockwise. To increase the
temperature (warmer), turn counter-clockwise –see diagram.
The bin dividers have been installed at the factory for your convenience. Feel free
to reposition the dividers as you see fit. To remove the bin dividers, simply push
the divider towards the back wall until the front of the divider is removed from the
positioning holes. To install, position the divider to the desired holes, making sure
that the pressure spring is installed properly.
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