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Failure Description
Low Vacuum
Oil Leakage
Oil Injection
Hard Staing
Fault Cause Solution
1.The air inlet cap on the spare po
side of the air inlet po is loose.
Tighten the air inlet cap
Replace the rubber ring
Refuel to the centerline of the oil
Replace with new oil
Clean the oil inlet hole and lter
Check the connected pipe
container to prevent leakage
Check the size of the pumped
container, recalculate and select
the appropriate pump model
Check, repair, or replace the
pump with a new one
2. The rubber ring inside the air
inlet cap on the spare po side of
the air inlet po is damaged
3. Insucient oil
4. The pump oil is emulsied
and unclean
5. The oil inlet hole of the pump
is blocked or the oil supply is
6. Leakage of pipe container
connected to the pump
7. Improper pump selection
1. The oil seal is damaged
1. The oil temperature is too low
2. The motor or power supply is
3. Foreign objects fall into the
4. The power supply voltage is
too low
Check and repair
Check and eliminate
Check the power supply voltage
Note: If the above solutions do not solve your problem, please contact the nearest dealer, or
send your pump to a professional repair center, and we will do our best to see you.
2. The oil tank connection is
loose or damaged
Replace the oil seal
Tighten the screws and replace
the O-ring
8. The pump has been used too
long, and the clearance is
increased due to the wear of pas
1.Too much oil
2.The inlet pressure is too high
for a long time
Drain the oil to the oil level line
Select the appropriate pump to
increase the pumping speed
The air inlet is ventilated,
repeatedly stas the motor or
heats the pump oil
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