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Your pump has been for dependable use and has a long life. If something should
go wrong, the following guide will help you get the pump back into seice as quickly
as possible.
If the disassembly of the pump is required, please check your warranty.The warranty
may be voided by misuse or customer tampering, which results in the pump being
1.Failure To Sta
Check the line voltage. The pump needs to sta at±10% line voltage (loaded)
at 320F.At extremes,switching between the standard run windings may occur.
2.Oil leakage
(1)Be sure the oil is not a residual accumulation from spillage, etc.
(2)If leakage exists, the module cover gasket or the shaft seal may need replacing.
If leakage exists in the area of the oil drain plug, you may need to reseal the plug
using a commercial pipe thread sealer.
3.Failure To Pull A Good Vacuum
(1)Be sure the vacuum gauge and all connections are in good condition and leak-
free.You can conrm leakage by monitoring the vacuum with a thermistor gauge
while applying vacuum pump oil at connections or suspected leak points.
The vacuum will improve briey while the oil is sealing the leak.
(2)Be sure the pump oil is clean. A badly contaminated pump may require several
oil ushes.
(3)Be sure the oil is at the proper level.For maximum pump operation, the oil must
be even with the OIL LEVEL line on the sight glass when the pump is running. Do not
oveill---- operating temperatures will cause the oil to expand, so it will appear at a
higher level than when the pump is not running. To check the oil level, sta the
pump with the inlet capped. Check the oil level in the sight glass. Add oil if necessa.
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