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1.Vacuum pump oil:
The condition and type of oil used in any high vacuum pump are extremely
impoant in determining the ultimate attainable vacuum. We recommend the use of
High Vacuum Pump Oil.This oil has been specically blended to maintain maximum
viscosity at normal running temperatures and to improve cold weather stas.
2.Oil Change Procedure
(1)Be sure the pump is warmed up.
(2)Remove the OIL DRAIN cap. Drain contaminated oil into a suitable container
and dispose of it properly. Oil can be forced from the pump by opening the inlet
and paially blocking the exhaust with a cloth while the pump is running.
Do not operate the pump for more than 20 seconds using this method.
(3)When the ow of oil has stopped, tilt the pump forward to drain residual oil.
(4)Replace the OIL DRAIN cap.Remove the exhaust tting and ll the reseoir
with new vacuum pump oil until the oil just shows at the bottom of the sight
glass. The approximate oil capacity of the pump is 180-800ml(reference the technical
(5)Be sure the inlet pos are capped, then turn on the pump. Allow it to run for
one minute, then check the oil level space. If the oil is below the sight glass OIL
LEVEL line, add oil slowly (with the pump running )until the oil reaches the OIL
LEVEL line. Replace the exhaust tting, making sure the inlet is
a)If the oil is badly contaminated with sludge that forms when water is allowed
to collect in the oil,you may need to remove the oil reseoir cover and wipe
it out.
b)Another method of dealing with heavily contaminated oil is to force the oil from
the pump reseoir. To do this, allow the pump to run until it is warmed up. While the
pump is still running, remove the oil drain cap. Slightly restrict the exhaust. This will back-
pressure the oil reseoir and force the oil from it, caring more contamination.
When the oil ceases to ow, turn o the pump.
Repeat this procedure as required until the contamination is removed.
Replace the OIL DRAIN cap and rell the reseoir to the proper level with
fresh pump oil.
2.To shut down your pump after use
To help prolong pump life and promote easy staing. Follow these procedures
for shut down.
(1)Close the manifold valve between the pump and the system.
(2)Remove the hose from the pump inlet.
(3)Cap the inlet po to prevent any contamination or loose paicles from entering
the po.
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