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Exhaust Fitting
(Oil Fill Cap)
Sight Glass
Die-Cast Aluminum
Oil Drain
Fan Cover
1.Before using your vacuum pump
In all cases, motors are designed for operating voltages plus or minus 10% of the
normal rating. Single voltage motors are supplied fully connected and ready to
(1)Check to be sure the voltage and frequency at the outlet match the specica-
tions on the pump motor decal. Check the ON-OFF switch to be sure it is in the OFF
position before you plug the pump into an outlet.Remove and discard the exhaust
cap from the end of the pumps handle.
(2)The pump is shipped without oil in the reseoir.Before staing the pump, ll
it with oil.Remove the Exhaust Fitting cap and add oil until the oil just shows in the
bottom of the sight glass. The approximate oil capacity of the pump is
180~800ml(reference the technical data).
(3)Replace the Exhaust Fitting cap and remove the cap from one of the inlet
pos. Turn the motor switch to ON.When the pump runs smoothly, replace the cap
on the inlet po. This may take from two to 30 seconds, depending on the ambient
temperature.After the pump runs for approximately one minute, check the sight
glass for the proper oil level. The level should be even with the sight glass oil level
line. Add oil if necessa.
Note:When the pump is running, the oil level should be even with the line on
the sight glass. Undeilling will result in poor vacuum peormance.Oveilling can
result in oil blowing from the exhaust.
Package list
5 CFM vacuum pump x 1
330ml oil bottle x 1
230ml oil bottle x 1
User manual x 1
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