WRS26MF5ASL White-Westinghouse refrigerator

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System Startup:
Water supply does not need to be turned off, however, do not
use ice and water dispenser while installing filter=The filter
cartridge has aIready been installed in the filter housing at the
factory. Refer to the How The Water Dispenser Works section to
properly fill the system with water.
Order new filter
cartridges through the
dealer where you bought
the refrigerator, contact
the Consumer
Ass_gtance Center at 1-
800-944-9044, or go to
our web site at
_idaire=com. It
might be good to order
some filter cartridges
when you first install your
refrigerator. Be sure to
ask for the RG-100
mureSource TM*
replacement cartridge.
The PureSource TM * NGRG-2000 Ice and Water
Filter System with the RG-100 cartridge is tested
and certified by NSF International, the nationally
recognized and respected, not for profit,
certification organization for public health safety.
The PureSource TM*system is tested and certified to ANSl/NSF
Standard 42= See performance data sheet for specifications=
This system should not be used on water that is
microbiologically unsafe or with water of unknown quality
unless the water has been adequately disinfected before or
after traveling through the filtration system.
,, Rated Capacity - 400 gallons
,, Rated service flow - .5 GPM
,, Maximum Rated Pressure - 100 PSI
,, Maximum Operating Temp= - 100° F
Changing the Filter:
Water conditions vary throughout the world, but changing the
water filter every 6 - 9 months normally will ensure the highest
possible water quality= The Filter Status light wiII turn red after
400 gallons of water has flowed through the ice and water
dispenser (some models). Also, if the filter has been in a
refrigerator that has not been in use for awhiIe (during moving
for example), change the filter before reinstalling the refrigerator=
The dispenser system wilI also operate without filtration (with
filter cartridge removed)=
To change fitter:
It is not necessary to turn the water suppiy off to change the filter.
1= Open freezer door and leave open until filter change is
2= Set ice maker wire signal arm to the OFF (up) position (side
mounted) or the ice maker's On/Off power switch turned Off-set
to the "O" position (rear mounted)=
3. Hold filter cup firmty, and unscrew towards Ieft (Some water
could leak out as you remove cup. This is normaL)=Filter
cartridge should come down with cup= If cartridge remains in
housing, pull down gently, while b.,vistingfilter back and forth=
4= Rinse out cup under running water=
5. The large o-ring that seals the filter system sets in the o-ring
groove down inside the cup= Should the o-ring fail out during
filter cartridge replacement, simply place it back in the groove
prior to screwing the cup back in place. If the o-ring becomes
damaged, you wilI need to order one from the Consumer
Assistance Center=
6= Discard old filter cartridge=
7. Remove new filter cartridge from packaging= Place in cup=The
end with the small o-ring should be up, out of the cup=
8= Screw cup, with fiIter, back onto housing=Do Not Use Wrench
To ReinetalB Cup= Filter cartridge will self-align as cup is
tightened. Be sure cup is completely tightened with
PureSource TM logo facing outward= Do Not Tighten Past Stop.
9. Set ice maker wire signal arm to the ON (down) position (side
mounted) or the ice maker's On/Off power switch is turned
On-set to the "t" position=(rear mounted).
10= Check for leaks=Open refrigerator door=Wipe any water droplets
from the filter cup. Filla glass with water. If there is a leak,
unscrew filter cup, and reinsert the filter cartridge=Check
placement of large O-ring= Reinstall filter cup, making certain it is
tightened completely=
11= To condition filter system and purge air from water line, filI a
glass with water. Continue flushing the system for approximately
3 minutes to assure that the purest water possible is stored in
the water tank.
* White Westinghouse uses the name CrystalClear insteadof PureSource,but they are the same filter.
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