WRS26MF5ASL White-Westinghouse refrigerator

User Manual - Page 13


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,, If a large quantity of ice is needed at one time, it ls best to
remove cubes directly from the ice container.
,, The following sounds are normal when the ice maker ls
,, Motor running
,, Ice dropping into ice container
+ Water valve opening or closing
+ Ice loosening from tray
, Running water
+ Stop the ice maker when cleaning the freezer and during
, If the ice maker wilI be turned off for a Iong period of time,
turn the water supply valve to the closed position.
CIean the dispenser and ice container at reguIar intervals,
particularly before you take a vacation or move, or if the ice
dispenser sticks.
1. Stop ice production by lifting the wire signal arm to the
"up" or OFF position (side mounted) or the ice maker's On/
Off power switch turned Off-set to the "O" position (rear
mounted) .
2. Remove ice container by lifting up and out. Empty and
carefully clean the container with mild detergent. Rinse
with clear water. Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners.
Allow ice container to dry completely before replacing in
the freezer.
3. Remove ice chips and clean the shelf and chute that
supports the ice container.
4. Replace the ice container. Lower the wire signal arm on
the ice maker to the "down" or ON position (side
mounted) or the ice maker's On/Off power switch is turned
On-set to the "l" position. (rear mounted)and the ice
maker wil! resume production.
Remove and empty the ice storage bin if:
1. An extended power failure (one hour or longer) causes ice
cubes in the ice storage bin to melt and freeze together
and jam the dispenser mechanism.
2. The ice dispenser is not used frequently. Ice cubes will
freeze together in the bin and jam the dispenser
mechanism. Remove the ice storage bin and shake to
loosen the cubes.
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