Haier HWM85-1479 8.5kg Front Load Washing Machine

User Manual - Page 19

For HWM85-1479.

PDF File Manual, 24 pages, Read Online | Download pdf file

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Water inlet valve and inlet valve filter
To prevent blockage to the water supply by ingress of foreign substances, clean the water
inlet valve and inlet valve filter regularly.
Moving the machine
If the machine is to be moved to a distance location, replace the transportation bolts removed
before installation as shown below this will prevent damage.
Remove the back panel (fig1)
Remove the blanking plugs
Insert the synthetic stabilizers
and the transportation bolts,
tighten the bolts with a
spanner (fig3).
Replace the rear cover (fig4).
Long periods of disuse
If the washing machine is left idle for a long period, pull out electrical plug and turn off the
water supply. Open the washer door to prevent formation of moisture and odours. Leave the
door open while not in use.
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