Rockford Fosgate PP4-T Punch Pro 1.5" 4-Ohm Tweeter

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Dear Customer,
Congratulations on your purchase of the world’s finest brand of car audio
products. At Rockford Fosgate we are fanatics about musical reproduc-
tion at its best, and we are pleased you chose our product. Through
years of engineering expertise, hand craftsmanship and critical testing
procedures, we have created a wide range of products that reproduce
music with all the clarity and richness you deserve.
For maximum performance we recommend you have your new Rockford
Fosgate product installed by an Authorized Rockford Fosgate Dealer,
as we provide specialized training through Rockford Technical Training
Institute (RTTI). Please read your warranty and retain your receipt and
original carton for possible future use.
Great product and competent installations are only a piece of the puzzle
when it comes to your system. Make sure that your installer is using
100% authentic installation accessories from Rockford Fosgate in your
installation. Rockford Fosgate has everything from RCA cables and
speaker wire to power wire and battery connectors. Insist on it! After all,
your new system deserves nothing but the best.
To add the finishing touch to your new Rockford Fosgate image, order
your Rockford accessories, which include everything from T-shirts to
Visit our web site for the latest information on all Rockford products
or, in the U.S. call 1-800-669-9899 or FAX 1-800-398-3985. For all other
countries, call +001-480-967-3565 or FAX +001-480-966-3983.
Table of Content
If, after reading your manual, you still have questions regarding this prod-
uct, we recommend that you see your Rockford Fosgate dealer. If you need
further assistance, you can call us direct at 1-800-669-9899. Be sure to
have your serial number, model number and date of purchase available
when you call.
This symbol with “WARNING” is intended
to alert the user to the presence of important
instructions. Failure to heed the instructions
will result in severe injury or death.
This symbol with “CAUTION” is intended to
alert the user to the presence of important
instructions. Failure to heed the instructions
can result in injury or unit damage.
To prevent injury and damage to the unit, please read and follow the
instructions in this manual. We want you to enjoy this system, not get
a headache.
If you feel unsure about installing this system yourself, have it installed
by a qualified Rockford Fosgate technician.
Before installation, disconnect the battery negative (-) terminal to
prevent damage to the unit, fire and/or possible injury.
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Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Specifications subject to change without notice.
Continuous exposure to sound pressure levels over 100dB may cause
permanent hearing loss. High powered auto sound systems may
produce sound pressure levels well over 130dB. Use common sense
and practice safe sound.
Une exposition continue à des niveaux de pression acoustique upérieurs à
100 dB peut causer une perte d’acuité auditive permanente. Les systèmes
audio de forte puissance pour auto peuvent produire des niveaux de
pression acoustique bien au-delà de 130 dB. Faites preuve de bon sens et
pratiquez une écoute sans risques
El contacto continuo con niveles de presión de sonido superiores a 100
dB puede causar la pérdida permanente de la audición. Los sistemas de
sonido de alta potencia para automóviles pueden producir niveles de
presión de sonido superiores a los 130 dB. Aplique el sentido común y
practique el sonido seguro.
Fortgesetzte Geräuschdruckpegel von über 100 dB können beim
Menschen zu permanentem Hörverlust führen. Leistungsstarke
Autosoundsysteme können Geräuschdruckpegel erzeugen, die weit über
130 dB liegen. Bitte wenden Sie gesunden Menschenverstand an und
praktizieren Sie sicheren Sound.
La costante esposizione a livelli di pressione acustica al di sopra dei
100dB possono causare la perdita permanente dell’udito. I sistemi
audio ad alta potenza possono produrre livelli di pressione acustica ben
superiori ai 130dB. Si consiglia il buon senso e l’osservanza delle regole
del suono senza pericoli
2 Introduction
3-4 Specifications
5 Installation
Installation Considerations
6-7 Additional Languages
8 Limited Warranty Information
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