Samsung HW-Q90R/XY Soundbar

User Manual - Page 40

For HW-Q90R/XY. Also, The document are for others Samsung models: HW-Q90R

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ENG - 36
; Connected via Wi-Fi
1. Check if the TV is a compatible model.
Only Samsung Smart TVs released
after 2013 are supported.
2. Check if the TV is connected to Wi-Fi.
If the TV is not connected to Wi-Fi, use
the network menu on the TV to
establish a connection. (See the TV
user manual.)
3. Check if the Soundbar is connected to
When the Soundbar is connected, you
can nd it in the list of speakers on
your mobile device when you run the
SmartThings app. See page 21 for
4. Check for a DFS channel.
If your wireless router (Wi-Fi) is using a
DFS channel, you cannot establish a
Wi-Fi connection between the TV and
Soundbar. Contact your Internet
service provider for details.
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