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ENG - 35
Before seeking assistance, check the following.
The unit will not turn on.
Is the power cord plugged into the outlet?
; Connect the power plug to the outlet.
A function does not work when the button
is pressed.
Is there static electricity in the air?
; Disconnect the power plug and connect it
Sound dropouts occur in BT mode.
; See the Bluetooth connection sections on
pages 11 and 18.
Sound is not produced.
Is the Mute function on?
; Press the (Mute) button to cancel the
mute function.
Is the volume set to minimum?
; Adjust the Volume.
The remote control does not work.
Are the batteries drained?
; Replace with new batteries.
Is the distance between the remote control and
Soundbar main unit too far?
; Move the remote control closer to the
Soundbar main unit.
The red LED on the subwoofer blinks and
the subwoofer is not producing sound.
This issue can occur if the subwoofer is not
connected to the Soundbar main unit.
; Try to connect your subwoofer again.
(See page 6.)
The subwoofer drones and vibrates
Try to adjust the vibration of your subwoofer.
; Push the WOOFER button on your remote
control up or down to adjust the subwoofer
volume. (to -12, or between -6 ~ +6).
Cannot connect to the TV.
If connected via a wired network
; Check if the cable is connected correctly.
Check the port name to make sure
that the cable is connected to the
correct port. For instructions, see the
page explaining each connection
; Press the (Source) button on the top
panel of the Soundbar or on the remote
control to check if the mode is correct.
If connected via a wireless network
; Connected via Bluetooth
1. Switch the Soundbar to “BT PAIRING
mode, and then use the TV to search
again. (See page 11 for details.)
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