Samsung HW-Q90R/XY Soundbar

User Manual - Page 37

For HW-Q90R/XY. Also, The document are for others Samsung models: HW-Q90R

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HW-Q90R/XY photo
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ENG - 33
7. Install the Soundbar with the attached
Bracket-Wall Mounts by hanging the
Bracket-Wall Mounts on the Holder-Screws
on the wall.
8. Slide the Soundbar down as shown below so
that the Bracket-Wall Mounts rest securely
on the Holder-Screws.
Insert the Holder-Screws into the wide
(bottom) part of the Bracket-Wall
Mounts, and then slide the Bracket-Wall
Mounts down so that the Bracket-Wall
Mounts rest securely on the
Installing the Surround
Speakers on a Wall (Sold
You can purchase wall mounts separately to
install the surround speakers on a wall.
Notes for Wall Mounting the Surround
Surround Speaker wall mounts must be able
to support more than 2.0 kg.
Hole size : 1/4 - 20 UNC threaded insert
Since wall-mount installation is optional, you
must purchase the corresponding accessories
Please have a qualied installer install the
surround speaker Wall Mount Brackets.
Ask a professional installation company to
mount your product on the wall.
Check the strength of the wall before you
install the Wall Mount Brackets. If the
strength is insufcient, make sure to reinforce
the wall before installing the Wall Mount
Brackets and the speakers on the wall.
For more information, please refer to the Wall
Mount’s manual.
Samsung Electronics is not liable for any
damage to the product due to the product
being installed inappropriately.
Take care not to install the speakers sideways
or upside down.
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