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ENG - 32
2. Align the Wall Mount Guide’s Centre Line
with the centre of your TV (if you are
mounting the Soundbar below your TV), and
then x the Wall Mount Guide to the wall
using tape.
If you are not mounting below a TV, place
the Centre Line in the centre of the
installation area.
Centre Line
3. Push a pen tip or sharpened pencil tip
through the centre of the A-TYPE images on
each end of the Guide to mark the holes for
the supporting screws, and then remove the
Wall Mount Guide.
4. Using an appropriately sized drill bit, drill a
hole in the wall at each marking.
If the markings do not correspond to the
positions of studs, make sure you insert
appropriate anchors or mollies into the
holes before you insert the support
screws. If you use anchors or mollies,
make sure the holes you drill are large
enough for the anchors or mollies you
5. Push a screw (not supplied) through each
Holder-Screw, and then screw each screw
rmly into a support screw hole.
6. Install the 2 Bracket-Wall Mounts in the
correct orientation on the bottom of the
Soundbar using 2 Screws.
When assembling, make sure the hanger
part of the Bracket-Wall Mounts are
located behind the rear of the Soundbar.
Rear of Soundbar
Right end of Soundbar
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