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ENG - 31
Installation Precautions
Install on a vertical wall only.
Do not install in a place with high
temperature or humidity.
Verify whether the wall is strong enough to
support the product’s weight. If not, reinforce
the wall or choose another installation point.
Purchase and use the xing screws or
anchors appropriate for the kind of wall you
have (plaster board, iron board, wood, etc.). If
possible, x the support screws into wall
Purchase wall mounting screws according to
the type and thickness of the wall you want to
mount the Soundbar on.
Diameter: M5
Length: 35 mm or longer recommended.
Connect cables from the unit to external
devices before you install the Soundbar on
the wall.
Make sure the unit is turned off and
unplugged before you install it. Otherwise, it
may cause an electric shock.
Wallmount Components
Wall Mount Guide
x 2
(M4 x L10)
x 2
Holder-Screw Screw
x 2
Bracket-Wall Mount
1. Place the Wall Mount Guide against the wall
The Wall Mount Guide must be level.
If your TV is mounted on the wall, install
the Soundbar at least 5 cm below the TV.
5 cm or more
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