Samsung HW-Q90R/XY Soundbar

User Manual - Page 29

For HW-Q90R/XY. Also, The document are for others Samsung models: HW-Q90R

PDF File Manual, 43 pages, Read Online | Download pdf file

HW-Q90R/XY photo
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ENG - 25
Use voice commands to control the Soundbar
The Amazon Echo service you can use with your Soundbar is limited to music. Other services
provided by Amazon Echo, such as news and weather, can only be accessed through your
Amazon Echo product.
Trigger + Command + Speaker name
Use the Speaker name you changed in the SmartThings app. (Refer to “Connect and use
with an Amazon product (Amazon Echo)”)
Action Voice Command
To search an audio device added to the
SmartThings account connected to the
Amazon Alexa account
"Alexa Discover devices"
* To use voice commands for the Soundbar named “Living room”
Action Voice Command
To set the volume level to 5 "Alexa Set the volume to 5 on Living room"
To increase the volume level "Alexa Volume up on Living room"
To mute the sound "Alexa Mute on Living room"
To listen to a radio station named KISS FM "Alexa Play Kiss FM on Living room"
To play the next song "Alexa Next song on Living room"
To stop the audio "Alexa Stop on Living room"
To turn the audio on "Alexa Turn on Living room"
To turn the audio off "Alexa Turn off Living room"
To change the input source "Alexa Switch to Bluetooth on Living room"
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