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ENG - 12
If the device fails to connect
If a previously connected Soundbar (e.g. “[AV] Samsung Soundbar Q90R) appears in the list, delete
Then repeat steps 1 through 3.
After you have connected the Soundbar to your TV the rst time, use the “BT READY” mode to
Disconnecting the Soundbar from the TV
Press the (Source) button on the top panel or on the remote control and switch to any mode but “BT”.
Disconnecting takes time because the TV must receive a response from the Soundbar.
(The time required may differ, depending on the TV model.)
To cancel the automatic Bluetooth connection between the Soundbar and TV, press the
p (Play/Pause) button on the remote control for 5 seconds with the Soundbar in “BT READY” status.
(Toggle On → Off)
What is the difference between BT READY and BT PAIRING?
BT READY : In this mode, you can search for previously connected TVs or connect a previously
connected mobile device to the Soundbar.
BT PAIRING : In this mode, you can connect a new device to the Soundbar. (Press the PAIR button
on the remote control or press and hold the (Source) button on the top of the Soundbar for
more than 5 seconds while the Soundbar is in “BT” mode.)
If asked for a PIN code when connecting a Bluetooth device, enter <0000>.
In Bluetooth connection mode, the Bluetooth connection will be lost if the distance between the
Soundbar and the Bluetooth device exceeds 10 meters.
The Soundbar automatically turns off after 18 minutes in the Ready state.
The Soundbar may not perform Bluetooth search or connection correctly under the following
If there is a strong electrical eld around the Soundbar.
If several Bluetooth devices are simultaneously paired with the Soundbar.
If the Bluetooth device is turned off, not in place, or malfunctions.
Electronic devices may cause radio interference. Devices that generate electromagnetic waves
must be kept away from the Soundbar main unit - e.g., microwaves, wireless LAN devices, etc.
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