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Hear TV sound from your Soundbar through wired or wireless connections.
When the Soundbar is connected to selected Samsung TVs, the Soundbar can be controlled using
the TV’s remote control.
This feature is available on 2017 and later Samsung Smart TVs that support Bluetooth when
the Soundbar is connected to the TV using an optical cable.
This function also allows you to use the TV menu to adjust the sound eld and various settings
as well as the volume and mute.
Method 1. Connecting with a Cable
When the audio in a broadcast is encoded in Dolby Digital and the “Digital Output Audio Format” on
your TV is set to PCM, we recommend that you change the setting to Dolby Digital. When the setting on
the TV is changed, you will experience better sound quality. (The TV menu may use different words for
Dolby Digital and PCM depending on the TV manufacturer.)
Connecting a TV using an HDMI Cable
Connect to the HDMI IN
(ARC) port of your TV.
HDMI Cable
Bottom of the Soundbar
Connect to the HDMI OUT (TV-ARC)
port of the Soundbar main unit.
Top of the Soundbar
1. With the Soundbar and TV turned on, connect the HDMI cable as shown in the gure.
2. TV ARC” appears in the display window of the Soundbar main unit and the Soundbar plays TV
If TV sound is inaudible, press the (Source) button on the remote control or on the top of
the Soundbar to switch to “D.IN” mode. The screen displays “D.IN” and “TV ARC” in sequence,
and TV sound is played.
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