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ENG - 8
3. Check if the LINK LED is solid blue (connection complete).
LINK LED - Blue is On
When the connection is successfully
established, the blue indicators on the rear
of the subwoofer and surround speakers
turn on without blinking.
Do not connect the power cord of this product or your TV to a wall outlet until all connections
between components are complete.
Before moving or installing this product, be sure to turn off the power and disconnect the power cord.
If the main unit is powered off, the wireless subwoofer will go into stand-by mode and the
STANDBY LED on the rear of the sub-woofer will turn red after blinking in blue several times.
If you use a device that uses the same frequency (5.8GHz) as the Soundbar near the Soundbar,
interference may cause some sound interruption.
The maximum transmission distance of the main unit’s wireless signal is about 10 meters, but may
vary depending on your operating environment. If a steel-concrete or metallic wall is between the
main unit and the wireless subwoofer, the system may not operate at all because the wireless
signal cannot penetrate metal.
Wireless receiving antennas are built into the wireless subwoofer. Keep the unit away from water
and moisture.
For optimal listening performance, make sure that the area around the wireless subwoofer and
surround speakers location is clear of any obstructions.
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