User Manual Thermador T18IW900SP 18-Inch Built-in Wine Preservation Column

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en-us Getting to know your appliance
Settings menu
Press : button to open the menu.
In the Settings menu you will find:
Appliance settings
Cleaning mode
Sabbath mode (if activated)
~ "Operating the appliance" on page 9
Appliance settings menu
This is how to navigate to the Appliance settings
1. Press : button.
2. Use ( button to move to the Appliance settings
3. Open the menu using 8 button.
In the Appliance settings menu you will find the
following sub-menus and setting options:
Standby screen
Key press sound
Key volume
Signal tone volume
Automatic clean lock
Automatic door opening
Theater mode
Temperature unit
Factory settings
Demo Mode
Sabbath mode
~ "Operating the appliance" on page 9
Interior fittings
You can pull out the shelves to reach the wine
bottles more easily.
Note: The shelves separating the climate zones are
not movable.
Additional shelf
You can install additional shelves to store more wine
bottles or to provide better support to the bottles on
the fixed shelves.