What Is a Roll Screen TV? How Does It Work?

At the CES 2019, LG Electronics made a big surprise to viewers when it launched a flexible screen TV that could be rolled up like a sheet of paper. This has made viewers feel excited and have many doubts and questions about this type of screen.  So what is roll screen TV? How does it work? This article will help you answer this question.

LG roll screen Tv in Ces 2019

LG roll screen Tv in Ces 2019

What is roll screen TV?

Scroll screen TV is a flexible design with pixel pieces in a rectangular box. In it, the screen will be designed ultra-thin and able to flexibly roll like a sheet of paper. This is a Signature TV model that LG wants to bring to consumers a new experience.

Roll screen TV made by which company?

Having the idea for a long time and the first company to launch beautiful scrollable TVs, it is LG with the official name LG Signature OLED TV R - This is also the model that represents the step the latest development of the LG Signature TV line.

LG Signature OLED TV R

LG Signature OLED TV R

How does roll screen TV work?

Curved screen TV can be curled up not only strange design and operation of this scroll screen TV, but also unique in the name - The company has named the scroll screen TV with the name: LG Signature OLED TV R, which LG wants customers to know about. Hidden TV is not really new. Since ancient times, there have been television sets in objects. However, a new TV appears as an advertisement protruding from a rectangular box, which is really new, but only LG can do this thanks to the very flexible OLED screen  rollable. In order to be flexible, TV screens must be made up of environmentally friendly organic materials. However, the TV can only be rolled up to a certain extent.

What is special about the roll screen TV?

Curled TV from LG is equipped with a 65-inch OLED screen, possessing super-sharp picture quality LG Signature OLED TV R is a realization of a breakthrough in design concept. The TV screen not only achieves an impressive thinness, but can also be flexibly rolled up while retaining the inherent quality advantages from the OLED screen. At the same time, with a thickness of less than 6.5mm, combined with 4K Ultra HD resolution, supports HDR10 technology, integrated 2nd generation Alpha-9 separate image processing chip, promises to bring  Impressive home entertainment space.

LG Signature OLED TV R TV has the ability to flexibly roll the screen up - down in just about 10 seconds, without making a sound. This is truly a luxurious, unique interior that is suitable for all modern spaces that almost everyone desires. Interesting multi-purpose use. Adding a unique feature that the LG TV roll screen wants to bring to a modern lifestyle, it is the ability to use it for many different purposes. This means, when in Line mode, the TV screen is rolled up only about ¼ of the screen to serve for displaying information (see the weather, watch the time,...) and to play music. In addition, this LG Signature OLED TV R model also includes the Alexa virtual assistant in addition to the existing Google Assistant. And yet, the LG TV roll screen this time also supports the AirPlay 2 feature - helping users to quickly connect to Apple devices. The TV base becomes a great speaker system. The base of this scrollable TV is not simply a stand, but it also becomes a very great sound bar. A unique point that you can hardly find the previous smart TV lines.

In other words, when the screen rolls up, the loudspeaker, which is built into the base of the TV, functions as a speaker. As far as LG shares, this speaker uses a Dolby Atmos 4.2 sound system with a capacity of up to 100 W. Besides, the connection ports (USB, HDMI, ...) are also important on the base of the TV.

How much is the roll screen TV price?

Currently, LG's roll-screen TVs are only released at CES 2019 and have not announced a specific price, but according to many experts, these LG roll-screen TVs will cost over $ 7,000 equivalent with over 162 million VND from 65 inch model and above.

What are the benefits of roll screen TV for users?

Television is a familiar entertainment device in the living room, but for some people they do not like to see the very bulky size of the TV, as well as the appearance of the television when it is not working. And, customers can see the value of LG's TV model when it will fit neatly in a long rectangular box. Viewers can adjust the size and width of the TV at will to suit more than certain types of content. For example, many current theatrical movies are not made in 16: 9 aspect ratio like TV screen size, so when watching movies, there will appear two black bands above and below. LG's TV can scroll the screen up and down according to the original aspect ratio of the movie, so viewers can remove most of the black bars for the best viewing experience.

Is roll screen TV development trend of the future?

LG’s rollable OLED TV in US

LG’s rollable OLED TV in US

Thanks to the development of technology, TV products as well as other electronic devices are much better and better. From a bulky TV more than a decade ago, to a television with an ultra-thin screen that is not inferior to a smartphone, and now a television with a scroll screen -  flexible like paper. The arrival of the LG Signature OLED TV R - the scroll screen is a sign of a new trend in the future, and there will be more and more interesting things when it comes to the television market.

With this unique design, roll screen TV is the concern of many people. Hopefully this article gives you a better understanding of roll screen TVs. And if you have a need for it, a roll screen TV is not a bad choice.

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