What does the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 do?

In the current context, many manufacturers of technology equipment, including Samsung, have brought their new global product launch event Unpacked to online format, marking the move of a "big" company turmeric. In the new normal period, as people move their office and classroom meetings to online, the need for a new standard of stable, high-speed wireless connectivity is inevitable. Smart phones and modern ones always bring many conveniences. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is one of those phones that promises to bring out the most new things! Let's take a look at its outstanding features!

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is one of those phones that promises to bring out the most new things/Ph.genk

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is one of those phones that promises to bring out the most new things/Ph.genk


This year Samsung stopped making curved screens. Instead, Samsung has a different name for this bezel - "glasstic", which means made of plastic but looks like glass.
The Note 20's 6.7-inch screen is the right size for today's smartphone market. It owns a Super AMOLED screen, extremely realistic colors. Although the resolution is lower than the Ultra version, you may not notice, Note 20 does not have full resolution installed by default. The teardrop-shaped front camera is also large.

Super large screen - 6.19 inches

Samsung Note 20 will be equipped with a flat screen Full HD size 6.9 inch. For users to experience everything on a large interface and have more eyes.

120Hz screen refresh rate shows smooth images

It is possible that the company will equip this new super product with a 120Hz refresh rate. Helps images display smooth and responsive speed quickly.

Large resolution

The upcoming flagship of Samsung has a resolution of 3, 096 x 1,444 pixels, which corresponds to 19.3: 9 aspect ratio, and supports Quad-HD resolution.  For comparison, the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 10 have screen resolutions of 3.200 x 1. 440 pixels and 3.040 x 1.40 pixels respectively. Samsung brought a higher aspect ratio to the Galaxy S20 while the Note 10 was just 19: 9.

Equipped with new OLED panel

This technology has high stability, excellent uniformity level

This technology has high stability, excellent uniformity level

Samsung can apply LTPO TFT-based OLED panels to Galaxy Note's top-end model. This technology has high stability, excellent uniformity level, and has the potential to reduce energy consumption significantly.


Super processor Snapdragon 865
Not only has a quality screen, the internal configuration is also extremely impressive with the Snapdragon 865 processor. This is a chip with a maximum clock speed of up to 3.1GHz, which is expected to be introduced by Qualcomm in the next few weeks.

Large RAM capacity

Comes with the giant chip is up to 16GB of RAM and 512GB of internal memory. Users can freely download applications and store data.

Large capacity, increase longevity

In particular, the device will be equipped with a 4500mAh battery, support 45W wired fast charging as well as 25W wireless fast charging.

Super Zoom Camera Cluster

Regarding the camera system, the Galaxy Note 20 series has quite a lot of upgrades compared to its predecessor, as well as many similarities with the Galaxy S20 series launched this year.

Note 20 is expected to be equipped with a 108MP main camera with Laser focus added, to overcome the limitation of focus, which is not appreciated on the current S20 Ultra. 13MP Telephoto camera with 50x Zoom capability. And finally, the 12MP Super Wide Camera with the new super wide-angle sensor for better shooting capabilities. Lookup Samsung cell phone user manual.

New generation fingerprint sensor

Equipped with a new generation fingerprint sensor, 17 times larger in size, promising a much faster unlocking speed. Moreover, 3D Sonic Max sensor also detects 2 fingerprints at the same time, users can be more secure about security.

Improved S Pen

The S Pen will also have new upgrades in the experience

The S Pen will also have new upgrades in the experience

This year's Note 20 series will move the position of the S Pen to the left instead of to the right as before. This will be good news for left-handed people, but perhaps the reason why Samsung moved the S Pen to the left is due to the camera cluster of the device.

Besides, the S Pen will also have new upgrades in the experience. Specifically, the 9ms response speed combined with the 120Hz screen makes the processing speed when writing and drawing seem instant.

The S Pen has inductive charging technology, so you'll never have to worry about the pen's battery life as your phone does that for you.

The S Pen in 2020 is more responsive on the Note 20 duo, with a lag of just 47 milliseconds, which is the number given by the manufacturer. Samsung says that the S Pen is 40% better than its predecessor.

We couldn't help but mention the new feature: Air Gestures. You can hold the S Pen and wave like a magic wand to perform certain tasks. However, this feature is not as ideal and magical as its name suggests.

The power of the S Pen is most demonstrated in Samsung's Note app. You can do a lot of things like handwriting recognition and conversion to other formats.

The battery

The battery life of the Samsung note 20 is 4300mAh. Fast charging technology is still maintained in this Note 20 product, but it is still only 25W, fans have been expecting an improved fast charging speed compared to its predecessor.

There's also DeX wireless connectivity, a feature that turns your phone into a computer without the need for cables.

It is true that Samsung did not disappoint us by launching the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 with many significant improvements. In the US market, the Note 20 will be equipped with a Snapdragon 865 processor. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 with many new modern technologies and superior features will certainly not disappoint you. Hopefully, the above sharing will be able to help you understand more about Note 20.

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