The Best Thermometers 2020 For Your Family

The year 2020 has been remarkable, mostly because of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is also the time when people mention a lot about masks and thermometers. However, you don’t just need them for the virus. Thermometers are helpful when you need to monitor the temperatures in case someone has a fever. In this article, we will provide the list of the best thermometers 2020 that are easy to use, fast and accurate.

#1: Braun NTF3000 No-Touch Forehead

If you are looking for a quiet thermometer that offers accurate readings, the Braun NTF3000 No-Touch Forehead is the right one for you. This model comes with a no-touch option, which can read temps from a few inches away. This feature is ideal when you take temps for sleeping kids. In addition, there is a silent mode that allows you to turn off the alarm, therefore, you won’t be annoyed by the noise. It takes a few seconds to read and shows you the results on a large and backlit display. One concern about this device is that the accuracy might vary slightly more when compared with oral readings from digital stick thermometers. In general, this Braun's thermometer is a good option for parents with infants.

- No-touch readings
- Alarm can be turned off
- Large color-coded display

- Slightly more expensive than other best thermometers

#2: iProven DMT-489

While most infrared thermometers are used on the forehead or in the ear, this iProven DMT-489 allows you to measure temperature on both. This dual mode offers you more options, which is way more convenient. One of the main reasons why we recommend this thermometer is because it works quickly. When you measure in the ear, you’ll get instant results and it takes less than 3 seconds on the forehead.

In addition, it offers accurate temperatures and the backlit display turns one of four colors to let you know which fever level you are at. However, the audible alert can’t be turned off, so it is quite annoying, especially when you try to measure a sleeping kid.

- Fast results
- Backlit, color-coded display
- Stores up to 20 readings

- Can't turn off alarm

#3: Innovo EF100 Forehead and Ear

Similar to the iProven, this is another dual mode thermometer that offers fast readings. The Innovo EF100 Forehead and Ear also comes with a backlit display and it allows you to track the last 20 readings stored on the thermometer.

The downfall is that it doesn't come with a silent mode. In addition, the memory storage function doesn’t work very well and readings can be inconsistent. With that being said, the iProven can be slightly better than the Innovo's Forehead and Ear, but this model is still one of the best thermometers of 2020.

- Instant results
- Easy toggle between modes
- Auto shutdown to save battery life
- Stores up to 20 readings

- Memory storage function isn't intuitive

#4: Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer

The Kinsa Smart Ear thermometer is one of the smartest thermometers in 2020. It is integrated with a useful app of Kinsa. So when you measure on the ears, it gets the results and syncs them to the app via Bluetooth.

The app is available for both Android and iOs devices, not only does it allow you to enter other symptoms and view your health history, but also provides personalized health recommendations. If you are using an iPhone, you can sync to Apple Health. It can also be used as a normal ear thermometer without the app.

This is one of the best thermometers 2020 that gives quick results, although it might be slightly inaccurate sometimes. Also, it's more expensive than other best thermometers in the list. But this model is ideal for parents who want to track their kid's symptoms in an easy way.

- Quick results
- Smartphone app includes care instructions and health history tracking
- Can be used without app

- Accuracy varies

#5: Vicks V911F-EE ComfortFlex

If you are looking to buy a good thermometer for your infant, the Vicks V911F-EE ComfortFlex is a good option. It also has an affordable price and can be used for adults as well. But it is mostly recommended to read rectal temperature for babies or kids up to age 3. With children and adults, you can use the ComfortFlex for oral or underarm readings. However, when you use this model, make sure you clean it between uses. The display is easy to read with three different colors. It turns green when you are normal, yellow when you have elevated temperatures or red when you have fever-level temperatures.

However, this ComfortFlex gives you results slower than infrared thermometers. It takes you around 8 seconds for each reading, which is still faster than other stick thermometers. But it is nowhere as close as the instant results that infrared thermometers offer. In addition, it has a very loud alert and you can’t turn it off.

- Affordable
- Easy to use
- Color-coded readings to indicate fever
- Large screen

- Loud alarm
- Difficult to take back-to-back readings

#6: Sanpu Digital Medical Infrared Forehead and Ear

The Sanpu Digital Medical Infrared Forehead and Ear is another cheap option in the list. You can use this digital stick thermometer for people at any age. The interface is easy to read with a large, backlit display. If you have a fever, it turns red. You can also use the tip comfortably for oral, armpit or rectal readings.

The Sanpu Digital doesn’t give you instant results. Instead, you have to wait around 15 seconds to know the temperature. However, no one has denied the accuracy of this digital stick thermometer.

- Simple interface
- Backlit display turns red to indicate fever

- Slower readings compared with similar models

Before choosing the best thermometers 2020, you need to know which method of taking temperatures that you prefer and what age your kids are at. For example, a digital stick thermometer is ideal for a newborn and for oral, rectal or axillary readings. With toddlers and above, a dual-mode device is a better option. You also need to consider display options, fever alerts, silent mode, memory storage and smart features. Hopefully with this list, you have found the best thermometer that suits you and your family.

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