Refrigerator of Which Company Is The Best Today?

Refrigerators are indispensable household appliances in almost every modern home. A good refrigerator will help your family preserve food, drinks, ice cream, and ice cream for the summer. Not only that, the refrigerator also has many effective uses in the winter. On the market today there are quite a few different refrigerator manufacturers, all of them are advertised quite strongly, causing confusion for consumers. This article will helps you evaluate which brand to buy the best refrigerator today.

Experience buying a refrigerator

Evaluating whether a refrigerator is good or not depends much on the specific needs of each household. Each refrigerator company has quality products in a specific price segment. Experience shows that you should learn a lot of information about companies in general. Then find out the details of a refrigerator that you are aiming for.

Top 10 best selling refrigerators today

#1 Aqua AQR-95AR SS

This is a refrigerator with a capacity of only 90L, neatly designed, beautiful, this helps you to place the refrigerator in small, narrow spaces.

  • The food compartments are intelligently designed, flexible, and save space in the cabinets
  • Save electricity with LED lighting
  • Direct refrigeration technology
  • Meet restriction of hazardous substances directive in electrical and electronic equipment

Overall, the Aqua AQR-95AR SS Refrigerator is a small capacity refrigerator with limited storage capacity, suitable for families with few members.

#2 Refrigerator Panasonic NR-BA178PSVN

This is one of the successful Panasonic refrigerators. Panasonic NR-BA178PSVN refrigerator has some of the following characteristics:

Refrigerator Panasonic NR-BA178PSVN

  • Capacity 152L
  • Using Ag Clean deodorizing technology
  • Panorama refrigeration technology
  • Use LED lighting
  • Power consumption 130W
  • The freezer compartment is quite large
  • 24-month warranty period.

Panasonic NR-BA178PSVN refrigerator is chosen by many families because it meets the needs of food preservation, making ice, making ice cream, etcfor small families . Besides, the price is quite competitive compared to some similar products.

#3 Sharp refrigerator SJ-172E-SS

Compared to Panasonic refrigerators, this model of Sharp refrigerator has a smaller freezer capacity, details are as follows:

  • 35L freezer capacity, 115L freezer capacity
  • Deodorizing with Nano Ag + silver molecular technology
  • Multi-dimensional cooling technology, anti-frost
  • Ice making time is faster than many similar refrigerator models.
  • Warranty 12 months.

This is a model of a refrigerator with a small capacity, suitable for families with few or few needs to preserve food by refrigerator.

#4 Samsung RT20FARWDSA / SV

This is a Samsung Inverter refrigerator that many people choose to buy in the past few months. The characteristic is a capacity of 203L, in addition to some other highlights such as:

  • Automatically adjusts operating modes according to user's habits to save electricity.
  • The design includes two doors with a rotating freezer compartment, making it easier to remove ice
  • MoistFresh Zone Vegetable, Tuber, and Fruit Moisturizing Technology
  • Mr.Coolpack refrigeration technology, keep cold about 10 hours after power outage
  • Made in Thailand, 24-month warranty period.

Samsung RT20FARWDSA / SV  is selling well because it meets the needs of families of 2-5 people. Inverter technology saves energy consumption significantly.

#5 LG Inverter GN-L205PS

LG Inverter GN-L205PS

This is LG's best-selling refrigerator model today, it brings an Inverter refrigerator experience with a not too high price:

  • J-TECH INVERTER technology, saves electricity well with 36 levels of cooling. The average power consumption is 80W.
  • Illuminated by LED light
  • Nano Ag + deodorizing technology
  • The shelves are made of tempered glass
  • Portable drawer, large vegetable compartment

Its durability is rated by many customers as good. The LG Inverter GN-L205PS with a capacity of 205L is clearly a reasonable choice for families of 2-5 members.

#6 Inverter Samsung RT20K300ASE

Samsung RT20K300ASE is a successful product in the segment of small capacity, affordable inverter refrigerators. Some of the features of this product can be reviewed as follows:

  • Using power saving technology Digital Inverter
  • Store good vegetables, fruits, and vegetables with the MoistFresh Zone Moisturizing Compartment
  • The trays and compartments are removable and easy to install
  • Easy Slide tray for easy food retrieval
  • The drawer on a large door called the Big Guad
  • Equipped with deodorizing filter

Although not the strongest brand in refrigerators, Samsung always produces product models with advanced technology at low prices that are affordable for consumers.

#7 Inverter Electrolux EME2600MG

This is a fairly successful model of an inverter refrigerator with a moderate capacity Electrolux in the market. Some features of this refrigerator model may be interested by customers as follows:

  • Digital Inverter technology for quiet operation, maximum power saving 37%
  • NutriFresh & FreshPlus cooling technology for efficient 360 degree cooling
  • Equipped with Fresh Taste deodorizing system
  • Control is easy with the external control panel
  • Better preserve your vegetables, fruits and vegetables with the Market Fresh drawer
  • 24-month warranty, power consumption 1.2 kWh / day.

#8 Panasonic NR-BL267VSVN Inverter (260L)

Panasonic Inverter Refrigerator NR-BL267VSVN is the right choice for families with 3-5 people. Although the durability may not be equal to that of Hitachi or Mitsubishi products, but with a more competitive price, this refrigerator model is still selling very well in recent years.

Panasonic Inverter Refrigerator NR-BL267VSVN has a 24-month warranty, with a home warranty.

#9  Inverter Hitachi VG470PGV3-GBK (395L)

This refrigerator model of a Japanese manufacturer is one of the best-selling refrigerators in recent years. Some features of the Hitachi VG470PGV3-GBK Inverter Refrigerator (395L) are:

  • Exquisite, creative and modern design
  • Equipped with dual refrigeration system
  • Equipped with Nano technology - deodorizing, antibacterial
  • Flexible food storage tray

The Hitachi VG470PGV3-GBK Inverter (395L) is the right choice for large families, small shops or families that regularly store a lot of food in the refrigerator. This product is highly regarded for its design, refrigeration, refrigeration technology and durability.

#10 Side by side Hitachi R-W660PGV3 540L (Black)

Side By Side refrigerators are known for their high cost refrigerators. Hitachi R-W660PGV3 is one of the cheapest models but also costs over $ 100.

  • Advanced power saving technology Inverter
  • Equipped with intelligent Eco thermal sensor, it helps to control the temperature to suit the needs
  • Nano Titanium filter has the effect of deodorizing, sterilizing.
  • The bearing tray is good
  • Can get water right outside the door

With a capacity of up to 540L and 4 wings, Hitachi R-W660PGV3  is clearly the choice for large families, or want to experience the most modern refrigerator technology Side by Side.

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