Hurom H101 is The Picked Juicer of Many Householders and This is The Reason

The Hurom H101 juicer lets you make smoothies, frozen desserts or juices from any type of fruit from radish to berries. The design of this machine is quite unique to help people squeeze fruits quickly and easily. So let's find out what advantages this machine has that many people choose? The information below will help you understand more about Hurom H101.

Introduction to the Hurom H101 juicer

The Hurom H101 Juicer is the Premium version's high capacity juicer that has a modern look and is designed to give customers a superior juicing experience.

Some structure and parameters of the machine you can refer to are the two-blade press, the engine is durable, relatively light, easy to move the machine. In addition, it is equipped with A / C engine with low noise, low vibration, modern design, voted for the best commercial design in all products in its segment. Hurom H101 has a drilling capacity of water: 350ml and a rotating speed: 43 rpm. Power consumption is relatively high 230 - 240W and voltage 220V / 50-60Hz with rotation time can be up to 30 minutes, pressing 50 to 70 liters.

The size is also relatively large with 293 x 210 x 462 mm, with body material: ABS and Pressing shaft: Tritan, hopper: ABS. The weight of the machine is also up to 5.8Kg.

The reason why many people choose the Hurom H101 juicer

One thing that many people care about about juicer is guaranteed absolute clean. A good experience that you can feel from this machine is to say goodbye to the small holes in the filter that you have to wait to remove the residue of vegetables and fruit. Hurom H101 presses have new filters with large, elongated grooves. Just rinsing it in water will wash all the impurities that stick. Therefore, stains that we wash with water that is not clean are not a problem when using this product.

The design of this product is also appreciated as a 3 degree tilt inside the carrying case and socket will allow you to more easily pour juice. Leaving less clutter inside the juicer, everything will be tidy.

The Pulp Outlet will open 180 degrees so you can easily drain the residue left in the container. Users also do not need to worry too much about cleaning the device when it works. Another advantage that many people care about and choose products that can help you keep the nutritional ingredients of vegetables and fruits, Hurom with the advanced technology of 43 RPM slow rotation speed has become the machine top quality press.

Patented slow-pressing technology has been applied to this machine, without the blade, but the pressing mode is based on natural pressure to preserve maximum freshness of vegetables. When pressed with Hurom make sure your juice is always fresh and in its most natural state, not being pressed for too long, making everything crumble.

Exhaust the dried fruits, vegetables and seeds easily, without fear of problems in operation. In particular, Hurom Easy does not need to cut vegetables and fruits, which can also be pressed easily like small fruits.

In addition, the machine also presses slowly without noise and preserves the flavor and quality of the vegetables. The juice finished products are always fresh and pure, and do not cause discomfort for users.

With the Hurom H101 juicer you can now make your own juices that are better than those used in store purchases. We can also make staples like almond milk and orange juice, and even frozen desserts.

If you don't like chewing on fruits and vegetables every day, then juicing can be an easy way to get the same nutrients from those fruits. By squeezing, you can create some really delicious drinks and can easily change the taste to the liking of you and your family. This is the mentality of housewives who always want to use clean and safe food for their families, so buying this divine fruit machine will help them do many things.

What makes this juicer so special?

This juicer can remove the components that are not necessary for the body that the fruit has. Eating too much fiber is also not good, so it is eliminated during the process.

Whether you eat it in a cup of almonds, a bunch of carrots, celery stalks or fruit masses, almost every drop of juice comes from that fiber that flows from the other side. Each time the juicer works deeper and deeper into the base until finally all the juice is removed. However, the lack of fiber in the juice also means that what you need in any healthy diet is the complete fiber loss. You can always leave some of the extracted fiber in your juice to get the nutrients.

The operation is also absolutely safe, users just need to put the fruit in and plug it in, push the button to operate, to a certain extent, when the fruit is finished, the machine will stop working. Therefore, it is really safe for users.

If you are really knowledgeable about the benefits as well as how to make healthy juice, this is an indispensable choice for your family. You will make more juice from less products, spend less time cleaning, and have more choices on the juices you can make.

Hurom H101 is a new product launched with many advantages over previous models. Compact and handy dual inner and outer dual design are also the choice of many families. If you need a machine that can handle the pressing of fruits well, this is a good choice that you should not ignore. Above is the product information as well as the reasons for you to know why this product is chosen by many people for the family. Hope through that you can add the best choices for your family.


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