Can A Microwave Oven Bake? How To Use The Microwave

Delicious cakes will bring a wonderful experience. If you have time, go to the kitchen to make delicious cakes for the family. Don't worry if you want to bake a cake without an oven. The microwave oven can help you bake delicious batches of cakes. Nowadays, microwave ovens are one of the most popular models in every kitchen. In addition to the functions found in conventional microwave ovens, microwave ovens also possess the typical features of an oven. Surely our sharing below on how to bake cakes in the microwave oven will not disappoint you. Read the shares below for more effective cooking tips!

Can a microwave bake?

Microwave ovens bake food with a grill above the oven

Many people think that a microwave oven only has the function of cooking, reheating and defrosting food and only an oven has the function of baking food. However, in fact, today microwave oven with baking function is becoming a quite useful and popular item for many households. Microwave ovens bake food with a grill above the oven, so only the top is cooked, unlike an oven that uses the upper and lower thermistors to cook food evenly on both sides.

Can a microwave oven bake cakes?

You can absolutely bake a cake in the microwave. On a microwave oven with a “Grill” button, just press this button and the microwave oven mode will start. At this point, your cake will be baked normally.

However, not many people appreciate the baking ability of the microwave because it is not as delicious as when using an oven, unless your microwave has 2 grills / dual grills (top and bottom grills) like Sharp R-898M(S) microwave oven or a convection oven such as Sharp R-G620VN (ST) microwave oven, the cake after baking is really delicious, and blooms evenly.

In addition, you can still make cakes in a normal microwave without a baking function.

Some notes when baking in the microwave

When using the microwave oven, do not use metal utensils

Although the microwave can bake cakes, if you want it to get the best results, you should pay attention to a few things:

  • Not all microwaved baked goods will taste good and will bake in the microwave. It is best to find out what types of cakes can be baked in the microwave before using.
  • Use porcelain to store the cakes made in the microwave. Maximum diameter is 10cm, do not use large cake molds.
  • When using the microwave oven, do not use metal utensils. Because metal placed in the microwave can cause microwave reflection that can damage your microwave. In addition, when heating metal in a microwave oven, sparks may occur. Increases the risk of microwave explosion, dangerous to users.
  • Check the cake every 10 seconds after flipping for 1 to 1 and a half minutes. If left for a little longer, the cake will be dry and hard. If the cake is still wet, put it back in the microwave for a few more seconds.

How to use the microwave?

For you to use your microwave more efficiently, you can refer to our detailed instructions below:

Before using the microwave oven

Microwaves often radiate very hot temperatures to the outside, so you need to place them in a high position

  • Install microwave ovens in a reasonable position: Microwaves often radiate very hot temperatures to the outside, so you need to place them in a high position, with ventilation holes to lower the temperature in the oven space and remember to Keep items that emit heat away from the microwave. It is recommended that you place the oven in the lower kitchen cabinet, the kitchen table or the upper kitchen cabinet is the most suitable!
  • Read the user manual carefully: The user manual that comes with the product is full of useful information you need to know: How to install, how to use, common errors when using, or even some items Delicious food can be cooked from the microwave.
  • Note when plugging in: Microwave ovens usually have a large capacity of 800 - 2000W, so you should not plug too many electrical devices in the same outlet because it may cause electrical problems (leading to burning wires, short-circuit).

During the use of the microwave

Microwave time setting

  • If your microwave is a mechanical oven, turn the timer knob to the desired position.
  • For electronic ovens, you enter the preset time in minutes and seconds, then let the oven operate.
  • You may need to press the Cook/Start button to get the oven to work.

Use utensils suitable for microwaves

Use utensils suitable for microwaves

You should only use items suitable for microwave ovens such as porcelain, microwave-specific plastic, glass, etc. To ensure safety during use. Do not use metal utensils in the microwave because they can cause sparks to be emitted continuously in the oven, causing the oven to be damaged.

Utensils must be the right size

The cooking utensils must be the right size for the microwave's internal compartment because if you choose a size that is too large, you can't fit it into the microwave to use for cooking and reheating purposes.

Make sure the oven door is closed

Make sure the oven door is closed tightly, not stuck, ... then your food can be cooked, ensuring the oven works stably, without leaking hot air to the outside.

Do not tamper with the switches and do not start the microwave oven with the door open

Do not tamper with the switches and do not start the microwave oven with the door open as it may damage the microwave oven or give you an electric shock.

Do not turn on the oven when there is no cookware in the oven

Do not turn on the oven when there is no cookware in the oven as it can shorten the life of your oven, make it less durable, and even damage it.

After using the microwave

  • After using the oven, please clean the oven to ensure that the food does not smell, and when the oven is clean, it will also operate more stably.
  • In addition, you should maintain and check the oven regularly to promptly detect when the oven is faulty, damaged and ensure the oven's durable operation.
  • Besides, when the oven is damaged, damaged or faulty, you absolutely do not repair or adjust the oven to your liking, but contact the warranty center to be checked!


Your microwave can help you bake your favorite cakes. However, the cakes are baked from the microwave oven can not guarantee the quality. You need to practice on your own and come to a conclusion. Above are our shares about using microwave ovens for baking. Hopefully, these shares will help you cook more effectively!

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