Benefits Of Owning An Oven For Your Family You Should Know

The trend of using an oven is now increasing, but besides that, many families are still wondering whether to invest in an oven or not? Is the use of the oven really superior to conventional grills? The following article will help you gain more knowledge about the benefits of an oven to aid in everyone's product selection process.

The benefits of an oven are extremely diverse

The basic working principle of the oven

Before learning about the benefits of ovens, you need to have a clear understanding of their operating principles from which to have a better overview. You can simply understand that, the oven heats food based on a direct resistance heat transfer mechanism from the outside to the inside. In a conventional oven is equipped with the following basic mechanisms:

Fire mode on

This is one of the most basic functions of ovens, the heat effect mode to cook food in the top-down direction. This mode is often preferred for easy-to-cook foods such as: baking fish, bread ... or simply for defrosting and heating food.

Lower fire mode

Contrary to the upper mode, the lower fire mode uses heat from the bottom up, acting directly to cook food. In this mode, the food is cooked slowly and more thoroughly, so it is often used for dishes from meat, seafood to cakes with high temperature requirements.

In addition, you can also combine these two modes so that the food is cooked evenly on both sides at the same time without wasting too much time.

Convection fan in the oven

In addition, some ovens such as bosch built-in ovens also have a convection fan system to help distribute hot air evenly throughout the food. Helps to cook food evenly, full of flavor and faster. This function is often used for baking, baked goods with drying …

Benefits of an oven for every family

It is not natural that people choose ovens for family kitchens as popular as they are today. It is certain that the benefits of the oven are great, providing the best experience for the family. Some of the following product benefits will help you have more confidence to choose an oven for your family to use for the cooking process.

Food is cooked evenly and beautifully

Like conventional grills, ovens also use heat to cook food. However, foods baked in the oven are cooked slowly and fairly evenly from the outside to the inside, so that when cooked, they still retain moisture, are soft, and do not dry out.

That's why when cooked, food always has an eye-catching color, helping to preserve the freshness of the food as well as preserve the nutrients of the dish. This is also one of the most popular oven uses today.

Food is cooked evenly and beautifully

Hygiene and safety guaranteed

This is something that seemingly ordinary grills cannot guarantee. When food is baked on a conventional stove, it is easy for bacteria to stick to it, moreover, when oil and grease fall on coal, firewood, when burned, they will produce toxic gases that are harmful to human health after a long process of use. use. Therefore, the use of the oven will ensure much better quality and safety.

Can cook many dishes

In this respect, you cannot deny their convenience. With just one oven, you can freely cook many different dishes to take care of your family. From meat, fish, vegetables to delicious baked goods that are not inferior to other shops.

Has an extra function like a microwave

Do not be surprised that with the use of ovens, they can completely replace a real microwave. You can completely manipulate simply with an oven that can reheat, defrost, even if they are more convenient than a microwave. Because you don't need an extra turntable or spread the food evenly to make sure they're all fully heated.

In addition, with the microwave oven, you can completely re-dry the dishes at a low temperature. The finished product is heated, crispy without being hard or too dry.

Has an extra function like a microwave

Optimal time saving

The situation that many parents are facing today is the limited time (always having to balance between working and taking care of the family). Have you ever been in a situation where you really want to cook delicious dishes for your beloved family members but time doesn't allow it?

With the oven, everything will be much easier and simpler, you just need to put the food in the oven, select the temperature and adjust the reasonable time and the rest is to wait until the food is done. , you won't have to worry about the place being cooked or burned… Meanwhile, you can completely free your hands to prepare other dishes.

Once again, with the benefits of ovens, they will certainly be a great assistant to help you bring delicious, quality and extremely beautiful meals to your loved ones.

Diverse capacity, can bake many different foods

Ovens with a capacity of 20 to 50 liters have a variety of choices for you. With a capacity of 35 liters or more or a glass oven, you can grill meat, chicken, whole duck, bake cakes and vegetables in large quantities easily and quickly.

Easy to use

The oven cavity and oven frame are made of enameled metal, or powder-coated steel that is easy to clean, ensuring safety for users, and creating durability during use. Thick transparent glass doors, combined with lights to help you observe the food inside more easily and safely.

In addition, the included accessories such as skewers and racks will assist you in baking blocky foods such as meat. Grease trays make it easy to clean the oven after baking.

Through the extremely useful sharing above about the benefits of the oven, you are sure to have the knowledge and decision about choosing an oven for your family. Hopefully it will be useful knowledge for housewives when taking care of the family.

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